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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is RotateOnline?

Answer: RotateOnline allows you to advertise all your website addresses by just using one website address. It allows you to rotate all your websites so you can promote them with a single url (website address).


Question: Why would I want to use RotateOnline?

Answer: With RotateOnline, you can save time promoting each individual website address separately by just using RotateOnline to promote all the website addresses with one single website address. This will also help you decrease your advertising costs by only advertising one website address. Without RotateOnline, you would need to create a new advertising campaign when you want to promote a new site, instead of just adding it to your RotateOnline account.


Question: Can I advertise different campaigns and websites?

Answer: Yes. For example, if you had 3 website addresses that were "home business" related and 2 websites that were "shopping" related, you can create 2 portals: 1 for Home Business offers and the other for Shopping offers. Then you can just add those website addresses to the respective portals.


Question: Will RotateOnline deliver traffic to my website?

Answer: No. RotateOnline is not a traffic generation program. You need to promote your RotateOnline website address in order for RotateOnline to work. RotateOnline will rotate your websites for you based on the specifications you set in your control panel.

New Service! Due to many customers looking to drive traffic to their websites,  RotateOnline now offers a separate service to deliver traffic to your website(s). To learn more, please click here.


Question: Do I have to enter the website addresses one by one?

Answer: No, you can add multiple website addresses at the same time.


Question: Does RotateOnline track the number of times my website has been seen?

Answer: Yes. You will be able to see how often your website address has been shown.


Question: Can I make one or more website addresses rotate more than the other website addresses?

Answer: Yes. You can set the weight to be any number higher than 1. A weight of 3 means that the website address will be shown 3 times more often than the other website addresses.


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