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We have 5 Packages for people that need to rotate more than 100 destination urls per portal. The regular $9.99/month package has 50 Portals with 100 Destinations each.

Package A: 50 Portals with 200 Destinations each                  $19.99/month


Package B: 50 Portals with 500 Destinations each                  $39.99/month


Package C: 100 Portals with 500 Destinations each               $59.99/month


Package D: 200 Portals with 500 Destinations each               $79.99/month


Package E: 200 Portals with 1,000 Destinations each             $99.99/month

You cancel at anytime or downgrade to a smaller package by contacting us.


Testimonials from RotateOnline Customers

One of the reasons I am successful in online marketing is because of the tools I use.  And one of my most important tools is RotateOnline.com.  Whether I am marketing my own websites, or if I am marketing websites for my team, I use RotateOnline.com because I can manage my advertising results in one place very simply and very easily.  The quality, reliability, simplicity and economy will keep me a customer for years to come.  Thank you RotateOnline.com!
Robb McDaniel

-Healthy Planet Online


Thanks Janet,
I just changed to package A
I just forwarded your email to Eric W. and I'm sure he wil be upgrading too -- I'll spread the word.
You might even send out an email to you existing clients -- bet you will get some more upgrades
Keep up the good work and thank YOU SO MUCH for your prompt replies!!  KUDOS to you!

Thank you for providing a way to promote our different webpages so we could find out which ones are working the best.



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