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If you are like most people trying to make money online, you have more than 1 website that you are trying to promote.

Wouldn't it be easier to promote just one website address that allows you to promote all of your websites at the same time? 

We believe so. This is why RotateOnline was created. To make it easier for you to advertise multiple website addresses with a single website address.

It is very easy to use RotateOnline.

Just tell RotateOnline the websites you would like to advertise, and it will add them to your account.

Here are the features:

  • You can rotate a large number of websites, up to 5,000 websites.
  • You can set one or more website addresses to be shown more than the other websites in your account.
  • You can advertise a set of website addresses under a single campaign name: For example if you have 3 home business websites and 2 shopping websites, you can group the 3 home business websites into one campaign and promote them using a single website address and group the other 2 shopping websites into one campaign and promote them using a different single website address.
  • You can delete single website addresses or a group of website addresses.
  • You can delete single campaigns or a group of campaigns.
  • You can see up-to-date live statistics for each website address or campaign.
  • You can reset the statistics for each website address or campaign.

There are no ads, popups or frames from RotateOnline when you use RotateOnline to advertise your websites. Your websites will be displayed in a fullpage website window. When you promote your RotateOnline website address, RotateOnline will automatically direct them to one of your websites. Very Easy!

And because the entire RotateOnline process is completely transparent to the visitor, no one will even know that you are using a website rotator.

Ok, I'm sold! How much does it cost?

Not $100/month, $50/month or $30/month, rotate all your websites for only $9.99/month! That is only 33 cents per day!

However when you buy a monthly advertising campaign from RotateOnline, you will get your RotateOnline account for FREE.  

Your Monthly Advertising campaign can be cancelled at anytime by you and you will be given the option to keep your RotateOnline website rotator account for $9.99/month.

So as long as you are an active monthly advertiser, your RotateOnline account is Free.

You can also choose from over 60 different categories listed here.

You can target USA, Canada, Australia, UK or Worldwide.

Terms of Service: RotateOnline does not guarantee that you will make any sales or generate leads from advertising here. RotateOnline guarantees that you will receive all the visitors ordered as shown by your RotateOnline stats.  Money Back Guarantee: All traffic purchases come with a money back guarantee. If we do not deliver the amount of visitors you ordered within a 30-day period, according to RotateOnline.com's real-time statistics provided to you when you place your order, we will refund the amount paid for the remaining visitors not yet delivered.

We have 3 monthly advertising packages: 

10,000 Country Targeted Guaranteed Visitors each month                                 $49/month 


20,000 Country Targeted Guaranteed Visitors each month                                 $69/month 


40,000 Country Targeted Guaranteed Visitors + 10,000 FREE each month      $99/month 

Please note, although you can advertise different categories in the same campaign, for example: shopping and business opportunity websites together, this will give you less than favorable results, so it would be best to order additional campaigns for each group of category targeted websites. You will get 10% Cash Back for each new category order you place above. (Please use the same email address when you place new orders so we can easily locate your account)


If you do not need an advertising account, but would still like to rotate your websites, please signup for a RotateOnline account below. Best of all, we let you try the RotateOnline website rotator for Free. Signup today, and get a Free 7 Day Trial. You don't pay anything today. If on the day, you decide that you do not want to continue rotating your websites, just cancel or send us an email  

Cut Your Advertising Costs by at least 50%.
Start Advertising Your Websites Today. 


If you require more than 100 Destinations urls per portal, please click here to upgrade to our larger RotateOnline packages.


Testimonials from RotateOnline Customers

One of the reasons I am successful in online marketing is because of the tools I use.  And one of my most important tools is RotateOnline.com.  Whether I am marketing my own websites, or if I am marketing websites for my team, I use RotateOnline.com because I can manage my advertising results in one place very simply and very easily.  The quality, reliability, simplicity and economy will keep me a customer for years to come.  Thank you RotateOnline.com!

Robb McDaniel

-Healthy Planet Online


Thanks Janet,
I just changed to package A
I just forwarded your email to Eric W. and I'm sure he wil be upgrading too -- I'll spread the word.
You might even send out an email to you existing clients -- bet you will get some more upgrades
Keep up the good work and thank YOU SO MUCH for your prompt replies!!  KUDOS to you!

Thank you for providing a way to promote our different webpages so we could find out which ones are working the best.



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